Monday, September 19, 2016

Google Play Download Queue

  • Google is testing a capability to queue downloads in the Android Play Store 
  • The feature is primarily aimed to help to users who are constantly on the go
  • Google also trying to help minimize the high mobile data cost
  •  Google has not yet confirmed whether the feature would even see the light of day 
  • The download Q service is available to a limited number of users and  Your device might or might not have this capability yet
  • Might be the feature will help to resolve the DF-DLA-15 error
testing a capability to queue downloads in the Play Store - See more at:
testing a capability to queue downloads in the Play Store - See more at:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool Things You Can Do on Android

  1. True Messenger on Android keeps the list of known spammers to keep your inbox clean the app will just auto filter out all the spam messages.
  2. Chomp SMS app on Android will get you a password protected inbox, automatic signatures,free themes, SMS scheduler, lots of emoji, blacklisting, 
  3. Android has the one-handed mode in settings.
    which brings the size of the screen down to a more manageable size so that you don't have to adjust if your phone doesn't have this feature built in then you can add it by root
  4. IFTTT (IF This Then That) lets you automate daily tasks.It helps you get the more tasks done with little to no intervention. It's all about the recipe: this is a statement that triggers an action in response to events that you specify. Get the IFTTT app from android app store.Make sure you
  5. With Parallel Space App on android, you can then sign in to your alternate accounts and you can select apps you want to run in the virtual space of this app.You can also password protect this area so that only you can access this virtual area.
  6. Many times you are left with very internal memory on android.Install the AppMgr app and you can move apps from the internal memory to the memory card to free up space. The free App2SD app clearly shows you which apps are movable and which ones aren't.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Apps banned on Google Play

  1. PSX4Droid: A PlayStation emulator the app allows PlayStation games on Android devices 
  2. Rush Poker: A gambling apps on Google Play Store App was used to gamble with real money. 
  3. Grooveshark app did what Pandora does and it works as Pandora for those who don't live in the US. It was removed from Google Play due to legal battle.
  4. AdAway app is a popular ad-blocker apps and so it was removed by Google from the Play Store. 
  5. MIUI Music: MIUI Music provided users with a music streaming experience at par 
  6.  TV Portal app enabled users to stream TV shows directly on their Android devices.
  7. Flappy Bird was pulled not just from Google Play Store, but also from Apple App store

    Also Android Pay names UK, as one of the most contactless nations in the world

Monday, May 9, 2016

Best Android Forums

Android users are always searching for help regarding something to do with your phone or trying to fix an error on the mobile phone.  If you need help you can find this resources helpful.
  •  Android Forums has a general forum for Android topics it also has very broad areas for each handset brand if you need to discuss your phone.
  • XDA Developers was originally for Android developers then opened for android users also.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why bringing Android to Chromebook makes sense

With ARC Google brought the ability to run Android apps on Chromebook ARC stands for "App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)." ARC also had partner developers to port and test android apps on Chrome OS.Though Google play store has some server unavailable like the df-rpc-01 errors it is mostly stable.

Interestingly many user have noted that when Chrome OS starts on Chromebook there is message as "Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.". Also the option goes of immediately before the user confirms.

Bringing Android to Chromebook makes sense because

  • Android run time is much mature due to the huge user base
  • Android apps environment gives more choices and caters much more user requests
  • Millions of apps are downloaded and loved 
    • Google wants to convert this love and let the user experience same framework on the laptops also
  • It will enable Google to make a selling point for Chromebook
  • Google recently celebrated the